As I write this brief message, the Academy is just now going through the process of electing its Junior Student Leadership Team (JSLT). This will bring several students from all year groups into special positions of responsibility according to the positions they hold. They will be elected to those positions by their fellow students.

One group of students within the JSLT will take up the task of reviving the Academy Magazine, which has not been published for some time and is overdue a comeback. 'The Magnazine' will be published quarterly and will cover a diverse range of topics, compiled and edited by the students themselves with my support.

We are planning to deliver our first new edition in December 2017 and have mocked up a cover below to anticipate its arrival. I am really excited to see this work come together and can't wait to get to work with the JSLT students following their election.

Please keep watching this space!

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Mrs J Warr
Assistant Principal

22 October 2017

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