Hot Evening: Cool Fashion Show

Friday, 4 May 7:00PM
Magna Academy Fashion Show

Hosted by: Travelling Trends and sponsored by our lovely, generous friends at:

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It's a warm, sultry evening at the start of a glorious Bank Holiday weekend. The lights are dimmed in the Main Hall. The guests are taking their seats. Prosecco and soft drinks have been served.

Fashion Show - Landscape Shots.psd_0031_All Models

Student waiters and waitresses have glided through the groups of visitors, offering sweet and savoury canapes with a smile. Madonna's "Vogue" and Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur" have melted away to the hushed anticipation of the first announcements.

Fashion Show - Landscape Shots.psd_0014_Catering

Rails of cool clothes line the corridors. Year 9 student photographers find their positions, ready to capture the event for this website and for social media. There is a bustle of activity in and out of the changing rooms as our six teacher/student models anxiously prepare themselves for their big event.

Fashion Show - Landscape Shots.psd_0003_The Models

The Parent-Teacher-Friends Association has worked it's little socks off to make this event a big hit. Guests have arrived to be greeted by two gentlemen in full sartorial elegance, offering a free drink to everyone.

Fashion Show - Portrait Shots_0006_Goodie Bags Fashion Show - Portrait Shots_0009_Annie & Neil

Every guest has received a goodie bag on arrival whose value, thanks to our lovely sponsors, easily outstrips the cost of the entry ticket.

Fashion Show - Landscape Shots.psd_0034_Laura

The show gets underway. Our brave models (Hannah, Raf, Lucy, Mercedez and Daina) are all students from the Academy, save for just one. In the last 24 hours, we have lost a model due to a family bereavement (and our best wishes go out to her and her family) so the valiant Miss Norris volunteers herself to take on that role at the last moment.

Fashion Show - Portrait Shots_0008_Raf & Lucy Fashion Show - Portrait Shots_0002_Hannah

Earlier this afternoon and all the way up to 7:00pm, Miss Norris has been working with Miss Poore and four lovely Hospitality students - Joshua, Abigail, Kayleigh and Amber - to make the tasty canapes that are now on offer to guests free of charge. Cheese and herb bakes. Cheese and bacon bakes. New potatoes with cream cheese. Lemon drizzle cake. Chocolate brownies. Strawberry and cream meringues. All wickedly tasty treats.

Fashion Show - Landscape Shots.psd_0012_Canapes

Our show begins and...

...well, if you were there I don't need to tell you what a fabulous night it was. If you weren't there then it would be cruel of me to give you spoilers when there's bound to be another show sometime soon. Another season. Another range. Another glass of cool refreshing Prosecco, madam?

We'll see you all then!


Mrs J Warr
Assistant Principal