Thorpe Park Opportunity

If they went away on the trip in March, I hope your child returned to you happy and tired after a day of fun and freedom touring Thorpe Park with their friends. They were all so well behaved and it was a joy to see how much they appreciated this opportunity to let their hair down after what has been a very hard-working middle term. 
They deserved every second of it.
What they also deserved was a bit of nice weather, which was in short supply on both the Wednesday and Thursday trips. Credit to all of them, though, they never once complained that it had dampened their enjoyment.
Fortunately, Thorpe Park has a generous Bad Weather Guarantee. Please click the link below to find out more:
The Guarantee means that, for all those children who missed out on their favourite rides, they can go back to Thorpe Park on any day between now and 24 May 2018 (except in the period 30 April to 3 May) and will have free entry to the Park.
To do this, you MUST have your original ticket. But, don't panic! We have a list at Magna of all the students who misplaced their ticket on Wednesday, before we knew about the guarantee.
For them, a replacement ticket is now available from Magna reception. All our other students showed their ticket when leaving the bus when we got back to Poole. All the students who went on the Thursday trip were made aware beforehand of the need to hang on to their tickets and reminded at the end of the trip too.
The booking references for our two groups were:
Wednesday, 28 March: MCC4998366
Thursday, 29 March: MCC4998369
If you don't have an original ticket, it may be helpful for you to take that reference with you if and when you return to the Park.
Thank you for lending your child to us for what was a marvellous day out.
Let's hope we get to do this again next year!
Miss Poore
Assistant Principal

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