A Class Above

Class of...

If you are not already aware of this, Magna Academy is making a transition this year from referring to it's year groups as 'Year 7', 'Year 8', etc and adopting instead 'Year of 2024: Year 7', 'Year of 2023: Year 8', etc.

As students and their families get more used to the change, we will start to phase out any references to 'Years 7-13'.

Class Of

So, why are we taking this approach?

It relates to aspiration. If a student refers to being in Year 7, this is simply a statement of fact: "I am in my seventh year of formal education". If instead a student refers to being in the Class of 2024, this becomes an aspirational fact: "Not only am I in my seventh year of formal education, I am working my way towards a specific point at which I will gain important qualifications and make my way forward either into a university education or into a challenging and rewarding career choice".

Magna staff believe deeply that investing a strong sense of aspiration into young students, from the point they join us at the Academy, will help to inspire them to be the very best they can be and to strat setting goals that will inspire them to make the most of their lives - as young adults when they leave us and beyond.

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