A Christmas Shaggy Dog Story

Email this morning to Mr Tutt:

I am writing to let you know about an incident last night in which a Year 10 Magna Academy student (CB) came willingly to my aid.
Cycling along the path alongside Canford Heath Road by the Tower Park Roundabout I came across an injured and very scared puppy. I managed to grab hold of the little fella before he dashed into the traffic but was then stuck with holding a puppy with no collar, my bike, bags, helmet etc.
shaggy dog
It was fair to say I had my hands full. I was trying to message a local dog lady for help/call family to come to my aid but it was proving very difficult as I didn’t want to put the puppy down (who was now squirming and trembling) in case he ran into the traffic.
CB stopped to help, dialled numbers on my phone and messaged people for me until my husband eventually arrived. She stood with me in the cold wind helping to keep the puppy calm for almost an hour.
She stayed calm and sensible and I dread to think what would have happened if she had not stopped to help as I was so worried the puppy would wriggle free and run across the road.
CB is an absolute credit to your school and I wondered if she could perhaps get a mention in assembly/some sort of recognition for being a Good Samaritan?
Thank you
Luanne Carter


We are indeed immensely proud of this student, whose name we have intentionally withheld. She will be recognised for her kindness and caring. These are Magna values in action and this is a superb example of role modelling in good citizenship.


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