Caitlin White: Bourne 2 Bounce

Here at Magna Academy Poole, we are blessed with many sporting high-achievers and we never tire of finding new stories to share with you about their exploits and achievements. So, we were delighted to discover a gymnast in Year 7 who came along to talk with us.


Just before half-term, Mrs Warr introduced us to Caitlin White. Caitlin is a gymnast who specialises in DMT (which she tells us stands for ‘Double Mini Trampoline’ and not ‘delicious mountains of trifle’). She started her gymnastics career when she was at Haymoor Junior School and attends two clubs outside school time:

Bourne 2 Bounce (for trampoline) and Renascence (for gymnastics)

She also attends Gym Stars in Ferndown on some Saturdays because that venue has more facilities to match her needs as a growing talent in her sport.



Caitlin attends trampoline training every Wednesday for two hours and gymnastics training on Tuesdays for three hours, Thursday for two hours, Friday for two hours and Saturday for around five hours.


On Saturdays, part of that time is taken up with helping to support her coach. Our maths isn’t always the best but we make that 14 hours of dedicated training every week!


We are seriously in awe of Caitlin’s commitment level and the fact that she still manages to keep on top of her studies and her homework. If there is one consistent theme that runs through all our athletes’ stories it is that they set high standards for themselves, make huge demands on themselves and that they meet all their challenges with gentle but absolute determination.

It’s been a busy year of competition for Caitlin. In the Spring, she took part in a meeting in Bath, where she performed two ‘passes’. A ‘pass’ is a sequence of individual ‘tricks’, brought together into a single routine. On 13-14 September, Caitlin travelled up to Sheffield for the National English Finals and performed two passes in that event, coming 9th in the competition. You can see some of her work from that day in the sequence of images below:

In November, Caitlin will be competing in Bath again and will be performing individually in DMT and individual trampolining and in the Synchro event with her good friend Alice. We wish her all good fortune and will be keen to catch up with her on her return.



And finally here is a little video clip of Caitlin in competition: