Thorpe Park 2018

The Magna Academy Thorpe Park Extravaganza

by Miss Poore


OK, pay attention please. Hands up, who wants a day out at Thorpe Park?

Excellent. Thank you. Well, I'm pleased to say that I am currently making arrangements for two very special trips for Magna students to visit Thorpe Park in 2018. One trip will be for Years 7-10 and a second trip for Year 11, to allow for exam preparation and sittings.

There are some very simple qualifying criteria and these are listed below. If you are in Years 7-10, pay attention to the information in Column 2. Column 3 is for Year 11 only.

1: Information 2: Years 7-10 3: Year 11
To qualify for Thorpe Park, you will need to have 100% attendance* between these dates:
from Monday, 30 October
to Friday, 9 February
from Monday, 30 October
to Thursday, 29 March
* If you have already had a day off this year, don't worry.
   You will still be eligible to go if you have a 100% record between these dates.
It would be inappropriate for any student to go on the Thorpe Park trip if their behaviour in and around the Academy has not been acceptable. Please be on your best behaviour at all times as this could easily influence your invitation and you really don't want to miss this, do you?
Diary Dates:
When will the Thorpe Park trips take place?
In the week beginning
26 March 2018
In the week beginning
2 July 2018


This is going to be such fun!


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