Your Questions Answered

We had a call today from a parent asking if we could clarify what is the requirement for students' pencil cases at Magna Academy. We are very happy to oblige and will bear this in mind for changes we are making later this academic year to a number of our web pages.

We would like to present more pages in the style of 'Questions And Answers', especially in those places where we can add to those questions as they are raised by parents and carers in real time. It is very important to us that the website works to support students and their families. We appreciate that lives are busy and that it is not easy to recall every detail as and when it is needed.

If you have helpful questions that you would like added to the site as this project develops, please simply click on the Q&A graphic below to open the e-form with which you can send your ideas to us.



In the meantime, returning to the matter in hand, thank you to Paul's mum for raising the question. The answer is as follows:

Magna requires students to use a 30cm clear pencil case. The one pictured below is manufactured by Helix and is on sale at Magna's Reception at a cost of £1:00. The Academy buys these from a wholesale provider and does not pass on the full cost but instead sells them to students at a marginal loss. These Helix cases are available from most retail stationers but will probably cost you more to buy than buying them at Reception.


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