A Student's Dream Realised

Imagine this...

You're a Year 9 student and you have a passion for media. Not media in general but the specific medium of radio. You're keen to understand how it might feel to work, either on or off microphone at a radio station.

How on earth do you get work experience? How do you get to discover, hands on, whether this is a pipe dream or it is truly your calling in life?

Clark, in Year 9 at Magna Academy, was helping out at Magna's Open Evening in July, booking in parents and families and acting as a tour guide. 

We got talking with him and, in doing so, found out about this passion he has for radio. The conversation created a link. We immediately spoke to Jan Hunt, one of our lovely PFTA members who also runs a show on Hot Radio.

Jan happened to be in the Academy that evening on PFTA duty and we got the two of them talking.

Fast forward to September and Clark has now debuted with Jan on the Hot Country show. And you can see Clark 'in action' in the picture to the right.


Jan told us:
"Clark loves broadcasting and has presented on hospital radio before now. Now he has added recording the 'What's On' guide and the 'Hot Jobs' items that are being broadcast on Hot Radio this week. I think he's going to be great!"
So, the moral of this story for us is to keep talking to students. Find out what are their hopes and dreams and, wherever possible, make connections that will give them invaluable experiences. It may be that the reality is not the same as the dream but that can only be a good thing because it will help to shape and define the direction in which those dreams evolve.
For Clark, this has proved to be a really enriching experience and we are thrilled to get this update from Jan. Thank you, Jan. You have been so open, encouraging and helpful.
So, Magna students, what are your dreams and how can we help?


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