'Whatever It Takes' Agreement

Magna Academy Poole prides itself on the high standards it sets for staff and students alike. We believe that we not only need to be good teachers and good learners but that we need to be good citizens too. That means not just as citizens in the wider communities of Canford Heath and Poole but also as citizens of the Magna community too.

We have a Code of Conduct at Magna that we call the 'Whatever It Takes' agreement. It is signed by three partners working together as follows:

  1. The Staff
    'Whatever It Takes' means that the staff team at Magna, teachers and support staff together, make a solemn commitment to delivering the best possible education and support environment for its students.
  2. The Parent/Carer
    'Whatever It Takes' commits parents and carers to ensure that students are fully supported from home, including adopting and respecting the culture and the vision of the Academy. It requires parents/carers to be fully engaged and supportive of their child's growth and development as a good student and a good citizen.
  3. The Student
    'Whatever It Takes' means that the student makes a promise to abide by the rules of the Academy and to respect staff and fellow students. Signing it represents a full and unequivocal commitment on the part of the student to make the very best of the educational opportunities provided and to ensure attendance and behaviour are set and maintained at a high personal standard.

A copy of the 'Whatever It Takes' agreement can be obtained by clicking this link.

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