Our Very Own Jess Ennis-Hill

In recent weeks, we have brought you stories about a number of dazzling young sports stars who attend Magna Academy. You might remember Edward Pearce, who is a track star at 100m, 200m, 300m and in the long jump. Or perhaps Hope Burgess? Hope is making her name as a competitive young trampolinist.Or maybe Amelia Millward, our fencing star?

Well, there is yet another sportswoman whose multi-talented story we have been aching to share with you for some time!

Safia Stacey (pictured, right) is a Year 7 student at Magna and is a member of our Yellow Faculty. She is also a very active member of Poole Athletics Club.

In August 2016, Safia competed in her club championships at U-13 level, winning Gold in the 100m event, Gold in the High Jump and Silver in the Javelin event. Oh, and she won a Bronze in the Long Jump too.

Not only that, she had previously won Gold in the club's Shotput event.

In April 2017, Safia took part in the Dorset County Championships and took Sliver in the U-13 100m before coming back to County competition again in May and walking away with a Gold in the High Jump and a Silver in the 100m.

We like to think of Safia as our very own Jess Ennis-Hill because not only is she a star now, she is bound for great things throughout her athletics career.

As you can see from her picture, Safia is a very proud young lady to have achieved so much and we are all proud of her too. Her next big challenge is likely to be "where on earth can I keep all these medals and trophies?". What a lovely problem to have.

We will keep you posted on Safia's sporting career as it continues to develop in the months and years to come.