Star of Track and Field

Meet Edward Pearce...

Edward (13) is the latest in a growing band of Magna sports stars to step up for an interview with the website and, as you can see from the picture below, he has plenty to talk about. As a medal winner, Edward really is the King of Bling!

Mr Terblanche brought Edward to our attention, just as he'd done previously with our favourite gymnast, Hope Burgess. Like Hope, Edward is a Red Faculty student, currently in Year 8.

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A member of Poole Athletics Club, Edward trains an incredible four to five nights (Tuesday to Saturday) a week. He has been competing until very recently in U-13s competitions but has just moved up to U-15s, where he is competing for honours against older athletes without any difficulty.

We couldn't help but ask Edward the same question we asked of Hope and Amelia last week about the proposed new, extended homework regime for September 2017. Edward's view on this was practical and straightforward: "I'll take my homework with me to training and to meetings. It doesn't bother me at all."

This disciplined approach comes as no surprise when we look at Edward's impressive record in track and field:

  • In 2013, he won the 1-mile Upton Run
  • In March this year, he attended an athletics meeting at Paignton in Devon where he set a new County Record of 2m 60cm in the Standing Long Jump
  • Last Saturday, Edward won a further four medals at the Dorset County Championships, including:

Silver, for second place in the 200 metres
Bronze, for third place in the 300 metres
Bronze, for third place in the Long Jump

Edward competes not only in these three disciplines but also in the 75m and 100m events. So, it's no wonder to hear him add: "I put the kit through quite a lot of wear and tear. I've been through five pairs of spikes, and they cost around £500 a pair."

We thanked Edward for his time and, just as he was leaving, he happened to mention another amazing fact we'd like to share with you. Next year, his sister joins Magna Academy. You might not think that's such a big deal, but how would it grab you to know that she currently holds the County Record in her age group for the javelin.

If you don't already have an autograph book, ask Santa if he can bring you one this Christmas. At this rate, it will be filling up in no time at all.