Magnathletes Assemble

We thought you might like another brief catch up with Magna's super sports stars, Hope Burgess and Amelia Millward, to see how they are both getting along in their respective disciplines. So, we thought it would be a hoot to get the two ladies together to update us and swap stories.

Hope & Amelia 2 Hope & Amelia 1

Hope and Amelia had never met up or spoken with one another before. Not surprising really as Amelia is in Year 7 and Hope in Year 8. So, it was great to see how well and how quickly they got along with each other and what an interest they took in one another's achievements. The rapport between them was so good that we all quite forgot that this was supposed to be an interview.

More Homework from September 2017

The first question we were keen to put to the girls was about how the proposed longer school day and extended homework might affect their dedication to their sports. They were both in agreement that it made things tougher, given that they each train several evenings a week.

Amelia said that she would just need to plan out her time more efficiently and maybe use the weekends more carefully to keep on top of any homework that wasn't needed back very quickly. Hope told us that she has noticed several fellow gymnasts bringing homework to training and to competitions and using the time when others are using the equipment to find a quiet space and work through homework. Both girls were agreed that their competitive spirit and their '100% Every Day, No Excuses' attitude towards their sports were important to them in believing they could absorb the changes to the homework regime and still give everything to their sporting ambitions.

Hope Burgess: Trampoline Superstar

Last weekend, Hope travelled to Bath University to compete in trampolining's English Qualifiers knowing she would be competing in a field of 42 athletes from around the country. She let us into a secret that she tries to put the actual competition out of her mind just before a meeting to avoid nerves. She also has a 'lucky bag' that she insists on taking with her, so it seems that even top athletes have their little superstitions!


Hope came away with a Bronze Medal in the Trampoline event for finishing third of those 42 competitors. Her Coach was thrilled and, here at Magna, we agree 100% with Coach. But Hope wasn't satisfied. With a wry smile, she told us that the "tramps" (a gymnast calls the trampoline this!) weren't really the best and that her own routine could have been much better. This is often the way with competitive high achievers - they gratefully acknowledge the prize but they see where they might have done better and resolve to overcome their shortcomings.

Hope also won a Silver Medal in the Double Mini Trampoline among a field of five competitors and she'll now go on during half term to compete at Spring Series 2, followed in October by the UK Championships in Sheffield. We will continue to track her very closely and bring you more updates.

Amelia Millward: Fencing Legend

Meanwhile, Amelia has been pretty busy herself. While she hasn't been in out-and-out competition just lately, she has been continuing to train hard with her club, working to improve her skills and techniques with the Foil. Things have not been easy for Amelia as her dedicated Coach has been ill recently, meaning her training time has been cut short.


With many new faces joining Amelia's club, a decision was made to put on a display competition to demonstrate how "fights" (this is what fencers call a bout between opponents) are staged. During this demonstration Amelia won three of the four competitions held, losing out on only one to her friend Callum - who beat Amelia to take that honour.

Amelia hopes she will be competing again very soon, with meetings coming up in June and July.

...and finally

We really enjoyed bringing these two ladies together. It was great to hear from them how they deal with pressure and with change and to see in both of them the same tough determination to succeed - whether at school, at sport or at life in general. And they both approach life with such positive energy that it is difficult not to feel uplifted when they are talking together. We certainly hope they build a long and lasting friendship through their common interests.

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