World Mental Health Day 2018

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World Mental Health Day

10 October 2018

This year, the theme of WMH Day at Magna Academy is ‘The Mental Health of Young People in a Changing World’

It would be very easy for us as a community to focus on some of the negatives that young people face in today’s world, e.g.:

  • the impact of social media on self confidence
  • the damage caused by cyber bullying
  • the risk of grooming

The list is long and dispiriting.

However, at Magna Academy we believe it is important to focus on the things that are in our control and available to help us improve. Today, there are fantastic opportunities for young people to support their mental health that would not have been available 15 years ago. There is more information and advice out there. People are more clued up so stigma has decreased and there are loads of free resources and apps that can help us cope.

A lot of people associate Mental Health with being mentally unwell, like feeling depressed or anxious. They only understand mental health in the context of negative feelings. Actually, our mental health is like our physical fitness; it can be good or bad, but most importantly… we have the power to change it!
However, just like physical fitness, if we want to improve it,  we have to put some work in!
This week, we have asked the staff and students at Magna Academy to think about what is good for their mental health and what helps them be happy. For some it might be:
  • Walking the dog, or talking to a friend;
  • Watching a favourite youtuber or playing football;
  • Taking long baths or meditating;
  • Eating a nice meal with your family or playing a video game;
  • As simple as getting a really good night’s sleep
Here is our display in the Academy's main entrance:
And you can join in too!
Please write your name and something that is good for your mental health on the 'virtual postcard' below. We would really love to hear from you to know what you do to focus on the sunny side of life.
All of the postcards our staff and students have completed will be on display at Magna so we can share our great ideas with each other and spread the good energy!


My Mental Heath Day Virtual Postcard
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