Information Evening 2018

Information Evening at Magna Academy
8 March 2018, from 6:30pm

At the time of writing this page Magna, like schools right across Dorset, finds itself in the grip of an Arctic blast of weather and temporarily closed to students. It is at times like these that we are particularly reminded of our special duty of care to every student who attends the Academy - to make their safety and well-being our paramount concern.

While we hope the young people from our community enjoy some time in the snow, it is also a time of concern for us that nobody comes to harm in these difficult conditions. We are looking forward to seeing everyone returned safe and happy next week.

Next week also holds out the exciting prospect for us of our Information Evening for the parents, carers and families of prospective students joining Magna Academy in September 2018. This is a very special event in our calendar as the anticipation of beginning relationships with new students and their families starts to become a reality. We really do value getting to know you and understanding the hopes and aspirations you have for your children as they begin secondary school life.

The dramatic weather, and the necessity for closure over two days, has created an additional challenge for us in preparing for the Information Evening.

Having received your preference information only in the last couple of days, we would have been using this last Thursday and Friday to prepare information packs and to mail them out to you. This would normally provide for plenty of time in which you could read the material, complete the very detailed Student Entry Form and make notes on any questions you may have for the evening itself.

The information pack will, weather permitting, be mailed on Monday and should reach you well before 8 March.

However, I am concerned that this does not give you the time you deserve to read and understand the material we are about to send. For this reason, we have condensed the letter, without any personalisation, and all the additional documents into a set of PDFs that you can download or open and read here:

Class of 2025: Information Pack
Welcome Letter
Student Entry Form 2017-2018; Student Entry Form 2018-2019
Biometrics Information
Code of Conduct: 'Whatever It Takes'
Uniform Price List 2017-2018
Equipment Expectations


I hope that you find these documents helpful.

Lastly, you may be curious about the term 'Class of 2025' and why we choose to use this rather than Year 7.

As an Aspirations Academy, it is a part of our ethos at Magna that we want every single student to aspire to the best possible future when they come to leave secondary education. We want every one of this cohort to enjoy a formal graduation ceremony at the end of their second year with us. We want to see them graduate again after sitting their GCSE examinations, at a prestigious ceremony we hold at Kimmeridge House on Bournemouth University's campus in Talbot Village.

And, should they take up post-16 options with us, we would dearly like to see them graduate again at Kimmeridge House two years after that in 2025.

But, above all, as they take their journey through secondary education we want them to increasingly focus on their potential for a university education or a challenging and rewarding career option after the summer of 2025. Whatever their dreams and aspirations, we want to help every student fulfil them.

I am looking forward very much to meeting with you and to building a strong and mutually supportive relationship that will take your child on that journey through Magna Academy.


Mr Richard Tutt
Magna Academy Poole