Our Next Open Evening

Magna Academy: Time To Talk
12 July 2018 Open Evening

We are delighted to announce the launch of Magna's 'Time To Talk' campaign ahead of our Open Evening on 12 July.

From 19 February to the end of May, the campaign will publish material to this website, to Facebook and Twitter and we will also be emailing parents directly to let them know more about it.

Open Evening 5_ Sophie

Why is it called 'Time To Talk'?

For three important reasons.

First, we are very aware that the experience for parents and carers of secondary education at all schools is much more remote than everything they have experienced up to Year 6. Sometimes it's hard to put a face to the name of a staff member. Sometimes, the parent-tutor consultation can seem like a very focused conversation that doesn't allow for a relationship to be formed.

Open Evening_ Tabs

So, we wanted to find a way to connect staff faces with their voices and give them a chance to share a heartfelt view of how they see their working life at Magna. Already on this page, you will have met Miss Newnham from Modern Foreign Languages, who wanted to share her feeling of privilege working at the Academy and Mrs Cook from the History Department, who echoed those thoughts and who sees resilience and respect as two great attributes of citizenship in our students.

BH18+ Campaign_ E-02

Why are there Ofsted quotes?

We also wanted to remind our audiences - students, parents, carers, staff, governors and regulators - of all the really powerful and incisive words that Ofsted used to describe Magna in it's 2015 inspection report. We want Time To Talk to be about more than just staff voices and our regulator has had some very important things to say about life at the Academy.

How is the July Open Evening relevant now?

We want this campaign to point the way forward to our next Open Evening on 12 July, because this is our best collective 'Time To Talk' with our visitors - whether those visitors are families looking to Magna as their next school, families who are already part of the Magna community or simply members of the community in which we live.

Open Evening 1_ Kirsty (1)

Open Evening_ Ben (1)

So, all these graphics, like the ones of Miss Gurney (English Department) and Mr Law (Head of Sixth Form) above, feature a reminder of the Open Evening and its date. Miss Gurney's quote is actually a reflection from her on seeing all our smaller guests at the last Open Evening as they took in this big new school they may be going to.

Open Evening 4_ Jen (4)

The graphic above is particularly relevant to this campaign.

The photograph you see here was taken during an assembly at Longfleet Primary School. In the picture, you'll see the absolute delight Mrs Warr experienced when she made the presentation of an Amazon Kindle Fire 7 to a very lucky young lady who had attended a Magna Open Evening, entered our Treasure Hunt and won. The atmosphere in the Longfleet assembly was electric as the winner was announced.

BH18+ Campaign E-01

Open Evening_ Pippa

The enthusiasm and energy we encountered at Longfleet made us think a little longer about how we build relationships with our Open Evening visitors.

That reflection has resulted in the decision to expand the Treasure Hunt further and offer not one but two Fire 7 tablets as prizes on 12 July. This should heighten the sense of fun even further for our junior guests as they move between the different departments to take up the challenges that our teachers have set.

Open Evening 2_ Ofsted Q1

Open Evening 3_ Sara

But our core goal for this campaign, for 12 July and for every Open Evening is to ensure we find the time to share our thoughts with everyone and to help put faces to names and voices to faces - so that all our students and all our future students benefit from the closer relationships that come from knowing one another better.

We look forward to saying hello on 12 July.