Archived Letters: 2016-2017


2017: July

Principal's Letter: Extended Academy Day & Homework Changes (17 July)


2017: June

Online Uniform OrderingBrigade Uniform Direct


2017: May

Principal's Letter to Parents 15th May 2017: Proposed Changes to Academy Day
Y10 Raising Achievement Presentation: Wednesday, 24th May 2017: Letter from Mr Potter
Magna Family Fest on 15th JulySecond Letter from Mrs Warr

2017: April

Principal's Letter to Parents/Carers re: Gate Closure  
Principal's Newsletter: April 2017  
Magna Family Fest on 15th JulyA Letter from Mrs Warr  
Easter Revision Letters:   Year-10   Year-11  
Year 13 INSET Day Letter from Mr Law  
Attendance Letter (3 April)  


2017: March

Principal's Letter to Parents re: Isle of Portland (28 March)
GCSE English Language: Letter to Parents/Carers (21 March)
Principal's Newsletter: March 2017
Letter re: Presentation to Parents & Carers: Child Sex Exploitation (CSE) Awareness
New Hegarty Maths Online Resource Letters (6 March):   Years 7-9   Year 10
Year 11: Progress Clinic Letter (1 March)
Sixth Form: Mock Examinations Week Letter (1 March)
PPE Letter (1 March)


2017: February

Parent-Teacher Association Letter: 9th February


2017: January

Year 8 Parents' Letter: Curriculum Guidance Evening, 23rd February
Principal's February Newsletter
Sixth Form: Parents' Evening, Thursday 9 February 2017     Invitation Letter     Booking System Guide
SSCT Online Safety Newsletter: Spring 2017
Letter regarding dangerous parking: 25-Jan
Year 11: Progress Letter, 13-Jan
Principal's Newsletter


2016: December

  Year 11: Show My Homework access information
  Year 11: Parents' Evening, Thursday 12 January 2017: Online Appointment Booking System
  Year 11: Raising Achievement Letter


2016: November

  Expectations Letter 
  Year 11: Graduation Prom Criteria
  Year 8: Graduation Criteria
  Minutes of Parents Forum  meeting, 17 October
  Year 11: INSET Day attendance on 18 November
  Magna Academy chosen to help train the next generation of Teachers
  Remote access to the Academy IT network
  Year 10: Parents Evening, Thursday 5 January 2017: Online Appointment Booking


2016: October

  Tragic incident on Sherborn Crescent
  Communications between the Academy and home
  SSCT Parents Online Safety Newsletter: Autumn 2016
  Principal's Newsletter, 18 October
  Year 11 Parents/Carers: Sixth Form Open Evening, December 2016
  Years 7-10 Parents/Carers: Sixth Form Open Evening, December 2016


2016: September

  Principal's Newsletter
  Teaching and Learning Strategies