Our Community


Friday, 8th December 2017:
It's been a while since we shared some of these lovely testimonials with you, so here is a shaggy dog story to melt the most December of hearts. We received a lovely email from a local resident, Luanne Carter:
"Dear Mr Tutt
I am writing to let you know about an incident last night in which a Year 10 student from Magna (CB) came willingly to my aid.
Cycling along the path alongside Canford Heath Road by the Tower Park Roundabout I came across an injured and very scared puppy. I managed to grab hold of the little fella before he dashed into the traffic but was then stuck with holding a puppy with no collar, my bike, bags, helmet etc.
It was fair to say I had my hands full.
I was trying to message a local dog lady for help/call family to come to my aid but it was proving very difficult as I didn’t want to put the puppy down (who was now squirming and trembling) in case he ran into the traffic.
CB stopped to help, dialled numbers on my phone and messaged people for me until my husband eventually arrived. She stood with me in the cold wind helping to keep the puppy calm for almost an hour.
She stayed calm and sensible and I dread to think what would have happened if she had not stopped to help as I was so worried the puppy would wriggle free and run across the road.
CB is an absolute credit to your school and I wondered if she could perhaps get a mention in assembly/some sort of recognition for being a Good Samaritan?
Thank you
Luanne Carter"
shaggy dog



Friday, 14th July 2017:
We received another lovely email from a parent who attended our recent Open Evening with her partner and son:

"I just wanted to email to say how much my son, my partner and myself loved the Magna Open Evening last night. Mr Tutt's presentation was just brilliant and my son really enjoyed hearing from him. The students helping out were excellent. Definitely a credit to the academy - very eager and willing to help and answer questions. 
We are really interested in attending a day time tour of the school.
Once again thank you so much for an amazing Open Evening. My son was still buzzing from all the excitement this morning." 


Tuesday, 11th July 2017:
We received a really nice email from a parent whose child is in Year 8 regarding their recent Graduation ceremony at the Academy:

"I just wanted to say a huge well done and thank you for last night's event. The students looked amazing and, after their initial giggles of putting on their gowns, they really enjoyed it. The Graduation for Year 8 was a lovely idea. I know that putting on something new takes effort and time and I just wanted to let you know it was greatly appreciated." 


Monday, 13th March 2017:
Our Reception team was very pleased to offer this update to Mr Tutt today from a supportive parent:

"Mrs (name withheld by Magna) came in to collect her daughter and said she was very impressed at how quiet the classrooms were although all the windows are open. She said this shows a very good work ethic and would like it passed on to you."

Monday, 6th March 2017:
Imagine what an absolute joy it was for us to have received the following email from a member of our local community. We are all so proud of these students for living the Academy values as they did:

"Today, I was on a bus with my two young children, who are aged four and one. This was at 3 o'clock, so a lot of Magna children got on. I would like to say how positive it was that one of your students told another group of children (not from Magna) to mind their language as my children could hear.

Another one of your students gave up their seat for my little girl and another of your students helped us get off safely as I had a lot to carry and a buggy.  I would just like to say how lovely it was that the children were so well mannered and are a credit to your school. People so often moan about bad behaviour, so I thought I would get in touch and share my positive experience."


Friday, 10th February 2017:
We received some very generous feedback yesterday at Reception that Mrs Wyeth has shared with colleagues:

"(name withheld by Magna) from (Tutor Group) has recently joined us and Mum wanted us to know that we have far outweighed her expectations of a comprehensive school. She said she would definitely rate us over (local fee-paying school), where the fees (plus costs) are £17,000 per year.

She said this is the first experience of her child not being in private education and that she loves the way she feels her daughter is looked after here and how organised we are."



magnanight Friday, 27th January 2017:
How lovely. This afternoon, our Reception team sent the following message to all staff at Magna Academy:

"I just wanted to let you all know that a member of the public has just called to say she drove past our school earlier and thought that our students all looked extremely smart and were very well behaved."