Physics: A-Level

Course Description
Physics is an exciting subject which aims to delve into the explanations of how things work from the tiny nanotechnology scale to the universe itself. It takes in practice and theory, specialist pure research and applications in the surroundings of everyday life. It is therefore a highly sort after qualification by a wide variety of employers. Physics also ranches out into many diverse areas of professional activity including engineering, health and biomedicine, the public services and utilities, environmental monitoring, education, and computing. Practical investigation is an integral part of the course and includes: planning, implementing, analysis evidence and drawing conclusions, evaluating evidence and procedures. Students with enquiring minds and an interest in practical investigation will especially enjoy the subject. 
Course Outline
6 Units (3 at AS and 3 at A2 Level):
Unit 1: Particles, Quantum Phenomena and Electricity
Unit 2: Mechanics, Materials and Waves
Unit 3: Investigation and practical skills in AS Physics
Unit 4: Fields and further mechanics
Unit 5: Nuclear Physics, Thermal Physics and an Optional topic
Unit 6: Investigation and practical skills in A2 Physics
Course Assessment
Units are assessed by written examination which include multiple choice sections as well as weekly progress checks.  
Also throughout the course students are required to complete 12 required practical’s which assess a variety of skills in order for them to receive a practical endorsement award as part of their final A level qualification.
Career Opportunities and Progression to University
A qualification in Physics opens doors to a wide range of careers. Physics is involved in a vast range of jobs and careers which provides great opportunities both inside and outside the lab. A qualification in Physics is essential for many branches of engineering and recommended for higher education courses in Science, Engineering, Electronics, Veterinary Science and Medicine. Physicists will also continue to discover new things about our world and this universe that we live in, you could be the next person to discover something amazing!