Mathematics: AS and A-Level

Course Description
A-Level Mathematics is an excellent foundation for both further study and employment. It remains a particularly impressive qualification that demonstrates core intelligence, a logical mind and excellent problem-solving skills.
There are three main areas in Mathematics at A level:
Pure Mathematics - Algebra, graphical work, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus.
Statistics - handling and analysis of data, probability distributions, correlation, regression and hypothesis testing. Results need to be interpreted using appropriate language.
Mechanics - using simple mathematical models to describe a real world situation. Main topics include Kinematics, Dynamics and Statics.
Course Outline
Year 1 (AS Level)
Paper 1 – Pure Mathematics
Paper 2 – Statistics and Mechanics
Year 2 (A Level)
Paper 1 – Pure Mathematics 1 
Paper 2 – Pure Mathematics 2
Paper 3 - Statistics and Mechanics 
Course Assessment
AS and A level are now separate qualifications but we will recommend that all students sit the AS exam in Year 12 and those that wish to continue in Year 13 will set the three exams for the A level in year 13. 
For AS Paper 1 is two hours and worth 67% of the marks and Paper 2 is one hour and worth 33% of the marks. 
For the A level each paper is two hours long and each is worth a third of the marks for the whole exam. 
Career Opportunities
Accountancy, aerospace & defence, automotive, biosciences, business support services, chemicals, construction, consultancies, education, engineering, environment, exploration geophysics, financial services, food & drink, healthcare, insurance, IT & computing, manufacturing, media, metals & minerals and operational research.