Chemistry: A-Level

Course Description
The course offers an in-depth study of modern chemistry and provides a sound foundation for university courses in chemistry, medicine, pharmacology and chemical engineering, among many others. Practical laboratory work is an integral part of the course and includes: planning, implementing, analysis evidence and drawing conclusions, evaluating evidence and procedures. Students with enquiring minds and an interest in practical investigation will especially enjoy the subject. 
Course Outline
6 Units (3 at AS and 3 at A2 Level):
Unit 1: Atoms, Bonds and Groups 
Unit 2: Chains, Energy and Resources 
Unit 3: Practical Skills in Chemistry 1 
Unit 4: Rings, Polymers and Analysis 
Unit 5: Equilibria, Energetics and Elements 
Unit 6: Practical Skills in Chemistry 2 
Course Assessment
Units 1, 2, 4 & 5 are assessed by written examination.  
Units 3 & 6 require candidates to complete three tasks, set by the exam board, during their period of study. 
Career Opportunities and Progression to University
University courses in Medicine and Veterinary Science require a qualification in chemistry, as do some other science courses. Any career that requires specific scientific thought, including forensic science and research and even accountancy and law, can be accessed with a chemistry qualification.