Art and Design: AS-Level and A-Level

Adobe Spark (16)
Studying Art at A-Level is hugely rewarding for the student because they explore a wide range of compelling themes, focus projects on their own interests and methods of practice and present their work according to their inspiration and research.
The artwork produced at A Level is developed from one to one tuition and complimented by group critique where students show off their progress to their peers for discussion and encouragement.
This balance of support enables the student to produce high-quality outcomes and effectively prepares them for further study at university where their work is scrutinised by professional audiences. The course allows students to seek out areas of specialism and in some cases link it to their other subjects. For example, if the students want to continue in the Creative Arts after A-Level with a clear idea of what they’d like to take forward into university, popular specialisms are:
  • Illustration
  • Printmaking
  • Fine Art
  • Fashion
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design and Communication
  • Architecture
There is the opportunity to work much larger scale and with more specialised equipment and the chance to go on trips to London galleries.
At the end of the year they participate in a group exhibition and show work to the public. This course is for those who achieve a minimum of a 6 (old B grade) at GCSE.