Archived Letters: 2015-2016


July 2016

Principal's End of Term Newsletter

June 2016

Music Lesson Interest


Principal's Newsletter

May 2016

Year 11 Countdown

Unit 5 PPE Week and Timetables

Sixth Form Exams and Timetable

April 2016

Football Reward

March 2016


Academy Opening Time

Principal's Newsletter

Unit 4 PPE Week and Timetables

Year 11 Progress Clinic and Appointment Booking Guide

World Book Day

Aspirations Week

February 2016

Year 10 and Year 11 Curriculum Changes

Sixth Form Parents' Evening and Appointment Booking Guide

January 2016

Instrumental Lessons

Year 7 Parents' Evening and Appointment Booking Guide

Principal's Newsletter

Unit 3 PPE Week and Timetables

Year 8 Parents' Evening and Appointment Booking Guide

Year 11 Parents' Evening and Appointment Booking Guide

Year 8 Curriculum Guidance Evening

Principal's Newsletter

December 2015

Principal's Newsletter

Year 10 Parents' Evening and Appointment Booking Guide

6th Form Behaviour Sanctions

Behaviour System Sanctions

November 2015

Homework Letter

6th Form Introduction

Communications Letter

Remembrance Day

Principal's Newsletter

Transition Survey

Year 9 Parents Evening and Appointment Booking Guide

October 2015


ShowMyHomework Letter

Unit 1 PPE Week
(with Exam Timetables and Revision Tips)

Homework Completion and Sanctions

September 2015

Breakfast Club

Principal's Newsletter

Year 11 Information Evening

Sixth Form Welcome and Uniform Policy

Year 7 Ranking

Year 7 'Meet the Tutor' Evening

Enrichment Letter and Enrichment Offer

Communications Letter

Principal's Letter - September (New Academic Year)