Assessment and Reporting


Student Assessment
  1. Rigorous assessment is a key feature of student life at Magna Academy Poole.
  2. Teacher’s mark student’s work at least every two weeks, checking progress and providing formative feedback.
  3. Students are formally assessed every six weeks, receiving a GCSE grade (Year 7-11) or A Level grade (Year 12-13).
  4. Rank orders, showing attainment across all subjects, are displayed in corridors and classes are set by ability, with frequent opportunity for transition.
  5. Students are set a minimum expected level of progress based upon at least 4 levels of progress from Key Stage 2 for each subject.
  6. All Year 7 students are screened using Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs):
    Verbal (Literacy)  •  Quantitative (Numeracy) •  Non-verbal (Abstract shapes and symbols)
    to inform further setting.
  7. Targets are set for the end of each of the 5 years between Year 7-11.
  8. Rates of progress are based on a minimum of 4 levels (12 subordinate levels) of progress for all students from Years 7 through to 11.
  9. If a student exceeds their end-of-year target then the end of KS4 target will be altered up accordingly.
  10. Targets are set for the end of each year and for the end of the course.

Student Reporting
  1. Every student will receive 6 assessment reports per year, informed by the end of each six-week unit assessment.
  2. These will show tracking against the expected ‘flight path’ between Year 7-11 and Year 12-13.
  3. Every student will receive an end of year Academic target setting report.