Students at Magna Academy earn a variety of rewards for good behaviour, good work, being a good citizen, and putting in great effort.

The main rewards systems is called Vivo Miles, and staff will award you electronic points called Vivos. You can then spend your points for an exciting range of products at the online VIVO shop.

You can login to the VIVO website at to check your balance, see who has been awarding you points and what for, and check out what is available at the shop. Speak to your tutor if you can't remember your login details.

You can earn VIVOs for a wide range of things, including:


Earning VIVOs

  • Excellent attendance
  • Wearing your uniform correctly
  • Putting in great effort in your studies
  • Helping out at Academy events
  • Doing great classwork and homework
  • Being a good citizen, helping other students or staff, picking up litter



Spending VIVOs

  • And you can spend them on:
  • Top-up credit and high-street gift vouchers
  • Cinema tickets
  • Jewellery and watches
  • Sports equipment
  • Health and beauty items
  • School and stationery products
  • Computer games and electronic gadgets


We also have other rewards for students, including trips out such as the cinema trip, certificates, phone calls and letters home.