What will I learn?

From Year 7 to Year 10 learners will follow the AQA Combined Science Trilogy GCSE programme. We also use aspects of the OUP Activate course with Years 7 and 8, to ensure key scientific concepts are embedded to give a solid scientific basis to GCSE courses. At the end of Year 11, students will receive a combined science grade equivalent to two GCSEs. 
Year 11 will be completing the AQA Science A and Additional Science courses, which will only be offered for one more year. 

What will I do?

Learners will cover a variety of skills across physics, chemistry and biology. They will also have the chance to do practical work to complement the scientific concepts and theories they are learning.

What is the expectation of homework?

All homework is set weekly. This will give ample opportunity for learners to complete their homework and seek support if they are struggling with it. The homework which is set is often repetition of key topic areas that you will be required to know for your GCSE Science exams, however they may not necessarily be topics that you have already learnt. There are resources linked to the homeworks to support you in completing the questions and at times you will find it extremely challenging.

What support and guidance will I be given?

We are working to offer a programme of support across the different year groups which would include interventions and drop in sessions with various members of science staff. This is to complement learning and help consolidate key concepts. You will also be given revision resources to complement your learning towards the end of the unit.

How will I be assessed?

Throughout Year 7 to 11 learners will be assessed regularly through GCSE past exam questions and papers. These are designed to be exactly like Full GCSE exam papers so students get a flavour for the level of challenge and demand of a GCSE paper from Year 7 onwards. There is no better way to assess learners to see how they are progressing.

What other opportunities exist outside of class?

We offer opportunities through science extra-curricular clubs including Biomed club aimed at high achieving Year 9s and 10s,  Science Club, and STEM Challenge, where our students work towards solving specific problems in a wider STEM context.

What equipment do I need to be successful?

We expect all of the learners at Magna to attend their lessons with the correct equipment so that their learning is not affected. All learners should have pens, pencils, a ruler, a rubber and a scientific calculator (preferably Casio fx-85GT Plus).
They are also required to purchase the specified textbooks, which are listed below;
OUP, AQA GCSE Biology Student Book (Third Edition) ISBN-10: 0198359373
OUP, AQA GCSE Chemistry Student Book (Third Edition) ISBN-13: 978-0198359388
OUP, AQA GCSE Physics Student Book (Third Edition) ISBN-13: 978-0198359395
CGP, New Grade 9-1 GCSE Combined Science: AQA Revision Guide with Online Edition Higher-ISBN-13: 978-1782945598
CGP, New Grade 9-1 GCSE Combined Science: AQA Revision Guide with Online Edition – Foundation
ISBN-13: 978-1782945604