Letters Home: To Parents and Carers

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This page contains soft copies of all the letters sent home in this academic year. To access any older letters, please use the Archive buttons in the navigation bar to the left side of the page.

2018: October

16 October Principal's Letter Mr Tutt
08 October 2018-2019 Examinations Mr Potter
01 October Years 7 and 8 Reading Miss Gurney


2018: September

19 September Communications Mrs Williams
11 September Principal's Newsletter Mr Tutt
10 September Homework Miss Creed
07 September Year 13 Raising Achievement Presentation:
Thursday, 4 October 2018
Mrs Akiti
07 September Class of 2021 Raising Achievement Presentation:
Thursday, 27 September 2018
Mr Potter
05 September Principal's Newsletter Mr Tutt


2018: July

19 July Principal's Newsletter Mr Tutt


2018: June

26 June Y11 Thorpe Park Visit Miss Poore
13 June

Unit 6 Pre Public Exam (PPE) Week:
Class of 2024 (Year 07) Timetable
Class of 2023 (Year 08) Timetable
Class of 2022 (Year 09) Timetable
Class of 2021 (Year 10) Timetable

Mr Potter


2018: May

10 May KS3 & KS4 Homework Letter Mrs Mashike
01 May Cover for Teaching Staff absences Mr Potter


2018: March

28 March Easter Newsletter Mr Tutt
25 March ParentPay Activation Letter Mr Tutt
23 March Class of 2020 Summer Exams Letter Mr Potter
19 March Class of 2018 Raising Achievement Timetable Mr Law
15 March Letter introducing 'Pause Week' for Years 7-10: 26-29 March Mrs Mashike
09 March Uniform Standards Letter Mr Adams
09 March Safeguarding Letter Miss Bethell

2018: February

19 February Letter re: PTFA Treasurer role Mrs Warr
09 February Class of 2023 (Y-08) Choices Evening Cancellation: 22 February Mr Potter
05 February Class of 2020 (Y-11) Progress Clinic: 1 March 2018 Mr Potter
05 February Principal's Newsletter Mr Tutt

2018: January

29 January Class of 2020 (Y-11) Mock Examination Week Mr Potter
26 January Six Strategies for Effective Learning Mrs Mashike
23 January Lockdown Drill Arrangements Mr Tutt
22 January Class of 2024 (Y-07) Parents' Evening: Invitation Letter Mrs Warr
15 January Unit 3 PPE Week: Letter
Timetables:   Year 7   Year 8   Year 9   Year 12
Mr Potter
05 January IRIS Connect Mrs Mashike
05 January Year 08 Parents' Evening: Invitation Letter Mrs Warr

2017: December

12 December Principal's Newsletter Mr Tutt
11 December Christmas Homework for Post-16 Students Mr Law
11 December Christmas Homework Mr Potter
07 December Important Safeguarding Message to Parents/Carers Ms Bethell

2017: November

27 November Magna Sporting Superstars Miss Jordan
16 November Y-11 Parents' Evening Mrs Warr
14 November Principal's Newsletter Mr Tutt
14 November Y-13 INSET Day Mr Law
09 November Uniform Policy re: Skirts Mr Adams
08 November Y-13 Unit 2 PPE Week Mr Potter
08 November Y-10 Unit 2 PPE Week Mr Potter
08 November Y-11 INSET Day Mr Potter
07 November Post-16 Parents' Evening Mr Law
07 November Festive Friday Shopping Event Mrs Warr
07 November Y-10 Revision Guide Mr Potter
07 November Y-09 Revision Guide Mr Potter
06 November Y-11 Unit 2 Mock PPE Exam Week & Timetable Mr Potter
02 November Attendance Rewards Miss Poore

2017: October

19 October Y-10 Raising Achievement Evening  
19 October Y-09 Parents' Evening Letter Mrs Warr
12 October Homework Letter Unit 2  
10 October Y-08 Information Evening